Behavior Change – if it was easy it wouldn’t be change

If it looks too good to be true, it probably is…

In many diet and exercise sales ploys, there are before and after shots. This one person is showing f sexy six-pack or loss of half their body weight. They look great.All you can see is their before and after. Yes, they probably did what the site is selling you. What you don’t know is what other things were in their favor at that particular time. It is likely that there were a lot of other good things happening to them that made their success more likely.The other thing we don’t see is their progress between the before and after. Progress could have been full of plateaus, lapses and times where they got stuck. For whatever reason they found the support offered by the organization good for them. The people selling the product kept them going through their tough times

To be successful making change you need several things:

  • Identify goals that are targeted to your needs.
  • Information on how to make the appropriate changes to achieve those goals.
  • Resources, tips, and tricks to help you develop plans to embed the changes in your daily life.
  • Support for when things don’t go as planned – for example when daily life takes a surprising detour.
  • Time to establish the new routines.
  • Monitoring to measure your outcome.
  • A cheer squad to help you celebrate your success.

This blog series is going to go into some details about the how, why and what around behavior change. My experience as a dietitian has taught me some interesting things about change. If you have a different experience or other ideas please post a comment. We can chat about them – I love learning from others.

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