Bioelectric Impedance Screening and interpretation (30 minutes)

Single session                                     $40
5 sessions (paid in advance)    $180

Initial Consultation (55 minutes)

Office based  or Skype                        $150

Home visit                                                   $150 + travel and time

Travel: $0.70 per km over 10 km return travel (as calculated from Google Maps)
Time: If travel time is more than 30 minutes for the return journey then travel will be charged at $8.63 per each additional 10 minutes.

Long Review (55 minutes)

Office or Skype                                    $100

Home visit                                              $100 + travel and time

Short Review (25 minutes)

Office or Skype                                    $50

Home visit                                               $50 + travel and time

Brief Review (15 minutes)

Office Skype or Phone                    $25

Home visits not offered for this review

3 Hour package of care

Includes initial appointment and any combination of agreed appointments. (Paid in advance)

Office or Skype                             $320

Home Visit                                      $320 plus travel and time

Health screening blood tests

I can order these tests for you, but fees will be payable to Southern Community Laboratory. I will receive the results and can interpret them for you.

Missed Home Visits

You will be reminded of your home visit the day before it is due. I will set out in the good faith that you will be there. If you are not there, I will charge the travel and travel time as described above plus $51.75 per hour as a missed home visit fee. If you are called away urgently please try to get a message to me.

Supervision                            (Price on Application)

Do you work with people? Do you know you could work better by understanding your own reactions to your clients? Arrange a time to talk with me about whether we could work together short-term or long-term to help you manage your interactions better.

Food Service Audits                                   (Price on Application)

Age residential care units must have an audited menu. Let’s work together so you meet audit standards and provide a high-quality menu for your residents.  Other organizations producing food for people on a regular basis may benefit from audit and advice. I will use overseas standards as appropriate or discuss with you what standards are most important for your group of clients.