Health Blood Screening Tests

Information is accurate as of July 2018. All fees payable to Southern Community Laboratories at the time you have blood taken. $13.00 is charged for the blood to be taken

Heart and Diabetes Screen                       $67.00

Pre-VLCD recommended panel            $137.00

Includes cholesterol, HBA1c (diabetes blood test), Kidney and Liver Function, plus Uric Acid (Gout).

VLCD interim screen (2-4 weekly during intensive phase)
$59 +(+$11.00*)

*If uric acid is elevated in pre-VLCD screen this needs to be included at least once to ensure this is not rising to unacceptably high levels.

Nutritional Blood Tests

Complete Blood Count*                                                                     $26.50

If this test shows up abnormal cells suggesting a nutritional anemia you may need to pay for further tests.

Iron Studies                                                                                             $37.50

Vitamin B12 & Folate                                                                          $22.00

Vitamin D*                                                                                                $42.00
* I presume with most people who are dark skinned, work inside for long hours, avoid sun exposure, that they are likely to be Vitamin D deficient and will advise accordingly rather than testing.

Copper                                                                                                     $33.00  (+$23.00)

Zinc                                                                                                            $33.00 (+$23.00)

These two tests will only be done if there is a clinical indication that either of these nutrients could be a problem. The most likely circumstances are the chronic use of iron tablets over several years without improvement in iron status with other causes of anaemia excluded or as part of post-weight loss surgery health screening.

Coeliac Screen                                                                                       $41.00

Screening for coeliac disease is only useful if you are consuming 4 slices of bread or equivalent for 4 weeks. If you are gluten intolerant then this will be extremely uncomfortable.