Initial Assessment (55 minutes)

Many people think the price of the initial appointment looks costly. This explains what you get when you see me as an experienced clinical dietitian.

If you are referred by a health professional or you speak to me via email, Messenger  or on the phone, I will get your consent to contact your GP and get more information, preferably before I see you. I will also liaise with specialists and other health professionals with your consent if necessary.

As a dietitian I am trained to interpret blood tests and I understand the actions of medications. Sometimes medications and blood tests can affect the advice I am giving so it is valuable that I take the time to learn more before you attend.

Unlike many dietitians I do not believe in sending out food diaries. Although a diary might give me an idea of what is wrong, it risks our relationship starting wrong. Even with the most compassionate approach, someone looking at your eating pattern can feel very judgmental.

Once you have attended the appointment and have gone away with the initial recommendations, I will (with your consent) write up the consultation and share it with your GP. Even if you are fit and healthy, this information can inform future healthcare. I will also send you a copy of the information shared with your GP.

If some of the information is private and sensitive and you don’t want it shared, I will withhold it from the letter unless there is a potential risk to you, a child or a vulnerable adult if I did not share it.

Sometimes with people with complex health needs, I will end up doing additional research.

This is included in the cost of the initial appointment. I don’t charge extra, but by having the commitment to holistic assessment you will get what is right for you.