Review Appointments

We agree after the initial assessment what review program would best work for you. It can be helpful to understand why there are different lengths of review.

Long reviews are for people who have work to do on their relationship with food. It might be that you have negative emotional associations with eating or you have struggled with unhelpful eating behaviors for a long time. These longer appointments are more like counseling. Although we will talk about your progress on making dietary change, we might work on other aspects including exploring situations since we last spoke where you felt your eating was out of control. I will likely set you homework that may include things like keeping a diary about the feelings you have, trying methods of stress reduction or working on identifying trigger situations for poor food choices.
Sometimes people working through complex problems get to a point where they are struggling to make forward progress, and at that point I may suggest seeking help from another practitioner who has additional skills. If you are agreeable I can make onward referrals, so they can quickly get up to speed with the work already done.

Short reviews are useful for people who are making dietary and lifestyle change, who might need to make further changes and refinements to their diet and activity over a period of several months.  We would be looking at how you were progressing and what other areas you needed to work on. We would set goals and discuss strategies for implementing these goals. We can also discuss upcoming events and plan how you will manage to sustain positive changes.

Brief reviews are for people who have got good at making their own plans for change based on my recommendations, but who want some accountability. We would touch base on goals and outcomes then discuss what was the next step.