Supervision is mandatory for some professions, voluntary for others.

If you look at the dictionary it talks about oversight of practice to ensure things are done correctly and safely. Although this is accurate I also emphasize that supervision is about growth and personal awareness.

When we are working with people we can sometimes find ourselves falling into patterns of thinking and behavior that are not helpful to us or to the client. One of the most common is the need to “solve problems” for the client. Less common but more difficult is when your internal narratives start creating a difficult dialogue about an individual client or a group of clients with a particular trait. In a trusting supervision relationship, you can work through these patterns and enhance your own performance.

So who needs supervision?  Anyone can if they work with people.  I was surprised recently when talking to a lawyer he got no supervision around mediation. We ended up having a chat that really was supervision – talking about the feelings he had left over after a particularly difficult mediation.

I am happy to offer short or long-term supervision to individuals. If you are part of a group of professionals who are unfamiliar with supervision practice I am happy to come and speak to you about it and how it might benefit you as individuals and groups.

My fee scale takes into account where people are on their earning journey – I will ask you to pay your own hourly rate for supervision.