Make milk powder work hard for your family

Three years ago I made this facebook post. It is still the most shared post I have made to date.

What do you need to make milk from milk powder?

Using milk powder to make up liquid milk requires you to have three things

  • Electronic scales OR appropriate measuring cups for the milk powder
  • A sealable washable jug that can be stored in the refrigerator.
  • A clean, palatable water supply

There are two type of milk powder, whole milk powder and skim milk powder. Whole milk when made up as per the label makes standard, dark blue milk. Skimmed milk powder when made up as instructed makes skimmed milk. Most people would consider skimmed milk to be water bewitched and totally undrinkable. Trim and calci-trim milk both have more skim milk powder added, making them thicker and more palatable

Measures for milk powder

All measures are metric, powder is lightly poured in and leveled.

  • C = metric cup (250ml)
  • t = teaspoon (5ml)
  • T = tablespoon (15ml)
 Whole Milk PowderSkimmed Milk powderWater
Whole (Dark Blue)125 g  (1 C)825 ml
Half fat (Light Blue)50 g
(3/8 C plus 2 t)
65 g ( ½ C)835 ml
Trim101 g

 (3/4 C and 2 tsp)

899 ml
Calci-trim135 g (9/8 C)815 ml
How much milk powder do you need to make up different varieties of milk

Top tips for making milk

  1. Pour  200 ml of water in clean container.
  2. Add all the milk powder and mix well by either shaking or using a whisk
  3. Top up to 1L by adding the rest of the water
  4. Allow to stand for 30 minutes in the fridge before using.

What is the relative cost of this?

  • My jug cost $10
  • Milk powder works out at $11 for a 1kg bag or $6 for a 400g bag.
  • Making up milk from powder works out at between $1.30 and $1.80  per L
  • This compares to shop bought milk that can range from $1.30 per L (cheap, Blue or Trim milk) to $2.70/L (Calci trim)
  • Making up milk will pay for the jug very quickly

Milk Jug suppliers

Luminarc Quadro Glass Jug 1L

I found this jug at a catering supplies store. Recently I have seen similar in supermarkets. My sister has found she prefers shorter jugs, because her dishwasher doesn’t clean the whole length of the jug. The most important features of the right jug is that it is easy to clean and is sealable so your milk doesn’t get taint from foods like garlic in the fridge.

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